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JacobsMassey has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the audio-visual industry. Our production team plan, manage and successfully deliver in-person, hybrid, virtual and live streaming events with ease.

As a leading production agency, our team provides many event services:

  • In-person event production
  • Hybrid event solutions
  • Virtual event solutions
  • Live streaming
  • Video production and editing
  • Podcasts
  • Stage design
  • Venue sourcing

7 Reasons Why Corporate Events Need Video Production

Welcome to our new Blog.

Events are rapidly beginning to work their way back into our AV way of life, despite some obstacles, such as shortages of top staff and gaps in the supply chains. If you’re a business owner planning a conference, or large-scale corporate event, you need to consider using professional video production services, if you aren’t already.

Corporate video production is a must-have for your events. Using an experienced, capable video production agency during your next event will make an enourmous difference, and this guide is here to tell you how and why.

1. First reason …

2. Second reason …

3. Third reason …